About Me

My name is Dave Krogle and I was born and raised in Southern California. All throughout my childhood I was constantly exposed to art and music due to the fact that my father is an accomplished artist and part-time musician. I've been drawing since I can remember and have been a musician for about 20 years now playing such instruments as the guitar, drums, bass and piano.

My Skills Background

During my college years I began my transition from fine art to graphic art and programming. During that time I have obtained certificates in:

  • Web/Graphic Design - LTU University
  • UNIX/Linux operating systems - UCLA Extensions
  • Fundamentals of JAVA Programming - UCLA Extensions
  • Transact SQL - Sybase
  • Perl - Sun Microsystems
I've been in the web development field for about 8 years now. Languages I'm familiar with using include Perl, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Shell, SQL and Regular Expressions. I'm also well versed on multiple OS platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Sun Solaris and Linux Red Hat. I also know my way around just using a UNIX command line editor. For designing and developing websites I mainly use: